Why is my station’s snapshot not up to date?

If the screenshot of your station is not updating here, consider the following:

  1. Is your computer still on? In principle, it can’t be off is power is available: the bios should be set that the machine comes on after a power failure.
  2. Is your computer on the network? For macs, you can troubleshoot a wireless connection here, or trouble shoot in general from System Preferences > Network > Assist Me > Diagnostics.
  3. Is Jamaseis still running? Jamaseis should be in your startup menu, so that if the computer comes (back) on, so does jamaseis.

If the answer to the three questions is “yes”, check your log file (under the window menu in jamaseis). If you see an error that you can fix, great. If not, send us the log file and restart jamaseis.

Is the TC1 set up right?

If you are unsure if the TC1 is balanced and set up correctly, visit this post